Healthcare Digital Marketing

The healthcare industry is vital to local communities. Its imperative that potential patients can easily find local doctors and experts to assist them. Through the use of digital marketing, patients and customers are able to research, locate and connect with the healthcare professional that they need.


Patients Use Search Engines


Patients Visit Hospital Sites


Use Health Information Sites

Health Care Revenue Influenced from Internet

Responsive Website Design

Increase Visibility

Google can crawl, index and organize content more quickly and efficiently when they only have to index one site verse multiple versions of the same site. Google views multiple sites, with the same content, negatively.

Increase Reach

Increase the reach of your practice by utilizing mobile versions of your website. Anyone using any modern device can flawless navigate through your online presence.

Enhanced User Experience

Creating a mobile responsive website provides a more reliable user experience across many devices and different screen sizes.

Increase Sales

Sixty-Seven (67%) of Internet users are more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile-friendly website.

Save Time and Money

Building a single website that supports a variety of devices and screen sizes is easier to maintain and promote, decreases website development expenditures and saves time.

Consolidate Analytics and Reporting

You can analyze exactly what devices your potential customers / patients are using to access your website. Building a responsive website allows consolidated code and beautiful integration with analytical tools.

Our Services

Custom Website Development

We are developers and marketers at heart. We take a great deal of pride in the custom websites that we develop for our healthcare providers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is imperative to the online success of your website. We make sure you come up on the first page of Google for your services and location.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an excellent marketing strategy to directly connect with your patients. They live, breath, play games and communicate on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. We advertise directly to them.

Health Care Strategic Plan Development

Strategic Planning and Strategic Marketing is the first step in marketing. We will develop a detailed digital marketing plan and fully execute it.


As you are building and developing a large patient base, its important that you maintain communication with them. We design, develop, write content and fully manage your weekly or monthly newsletter campaigns.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Not all of your patients use computers. We realize this, and often rely on traditional direct mail campaigns to communicate with them.

Brochures & Patient Education Materials

Education reduces anxiety. The more you educate your patients, the less they fear and the more they trust your practice. We use white papers, brochures, and other printable content, as educational materials.

Creative Ad Campaigns

Creative Ad Campaigns encompasses offline and online means. Online, we use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to directly market to potential internet searchers. While offline, we use Newspapers, Billboards even Diner Mats, to connect with future patients.

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