As you’re waking up, drinking your coffee and starting your day, news is breaking that Ashton Kuther released his personal phone number: (319) 519-0576. Well, that not the complete truth.

It appears Ashton has partnered up with a company out of New York city called: Shimmur. From what I gathered through WHOIS Records, the website is actually a front-end for Shimmur’s main product called: Digits.Chat:

This company appears very promising though. Mainly because they are incorporating two major user types: Influencers and their personal fans. Based on what I have read so far, you can schedule text messages through their platform: and even setup keyword autoresponders:

Custom Voicemail

Get ready for a custom voicemail from Ashton or another one of your idols soon. I guess something’s are just too good to be true.

I will keep researching and see what marketing opportunities this new platform provides. Hopefully we have another advertising option soon.