Over the next week your Contact Us Form may stop working. Why? MailChimp is having database issues and “it’s possible that you may see errors related to sending and receiving emails.” (MailChimp)

To make sure that all emails, sent through your website end up in your inbox, developers often use Transactional Email Services. Mandrill (now MailChimp), and SendGrid are the largest ones by far. With Mandrill / Mailchimp suffering potentially series issues, this will cause negaitve effects on your lead generation.

What happened

Mandrill uses a shared Postgres setup as one of our main datastores. On Sunday, February 3, at 10:30pm EST, 1 of our 5 physical Postgres instances saw a significant spike in writes. The spike in writes triggered a Transaction ID Wraparound issue. When this occurs, database activity is completely halted. The database sets itself in read-only mode until offline maintenance (known as vacuuming) can occur.

The database is large—running the vacuum process takes a significant amount of time and resources, and there’s no clear way to track progress.

Customer impact

The impact to users could come in the form of not tracking opens, clicks, bounces, email sends, inbound email, webhook events, and more. Right now, it looks like the database outage is affecting up to 20% of our outbound volume as well as a majority of inbound email and webhooks.

What they are doing to address this

They don’t have an estimated time for when the vacuum process and cleanup work will be complete. While they have a parallel set of tasks going to try to get the database back in working order, these efforts are also slow and difficult with a database of this size. They are trying everything they can to finish this process as quickly as possible, but this could take several days, or longer. They hope to have more information and a timeline for resolution soon.

In the meantime, it’s possible that you may see errors related to sending and receiving emails.

What should you do

Contact us and we will help you move from Mandrill to Sendgrid if you are affected. Or just wait the week out and hopefully all will be resolved.