Add SKU to Shopping Cart in Magento

I’m going to show you quickly how to add a SKU to your Magento Cart.

  1. Open the following file: /app/design/frontend/default/(yourTheme)/template/checkout/cart/item/default.phtml
  2. Locate your Item Array. Mine looks like this:
    $_item = $this->getItem();
  3. Add an variable for the
    SKU: $itemSKU = $_item->getSku();
  4. Around line 96 you should see a function similar to, but not always 100% the same:
    <h2 class="product-name">
           <!--?php if ($this--->hasProductUrl()):?>
               <a href="/<?php echo $this->getProductUrl() ?>"><!--?php echo $this--->htmlEscape($this->getProductName()) ?></a>
               <p><strong>SKU: <!--?php echo $itemSKU; ?--></strong></p>
           <!--?php else: ?-->
               <!--?php echo $this--->htmlEscape($this->getProductName()) ?>
           <!--?php endif; ?-->
  5. Add your SKU
    <p><strong>SKU: <!--?php echo $itemSKU; ?--></strong></p>


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