YouTube SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? That it is an extremely important and highly underutilized tool for businesses. Is your business using YouTube? Does your company have videos online? Worse does your competitors have videos, but you don’t? If so please read on…

Videos not only show products and capabilities to your potential clients or customers, they can even educate them and produce rock-solid leads. Internet viewers watch more than 14 hours of online videos a month – These is an extremely important asset that if used correctly will greatly increase your future sales and expand your customer base.

So how do you optimize your search engine results for YouTube? Well, a few years back, if you posted a video on YouTube or other video hosting service with the relevant organic keywords in the title, the video would rank in the top 10 results automatically. Sadly, nowadays there are so many videos being uploaded, viewed, and ranked in YouTube that YouTube SEO has become just as important as Google SEO. If you are still not convinced, simply optimizing your videos on YouTube will also increase your rankings in Google search results. The more avenues for your brand to be located and noticed becomes the more customers and eventual profits for your company.

YouTube, out-of-the-box offers a great deal of tools, optimization capabilities and even later analysis to monitor the overall success of your uploaded videos. A lot of these tools are overlooked by nearly every internet marketer out there; except for Cove Technology. We will optimize every step, using very targeted keywords, to greatly enhance your videos and companies marketing initiative. What areas are most overlooked?

Closed Captions

Have you ever noticed the ‘CC’ in the bottom right corner of each video. CC stands for closed captions or closed captioning depending on where you research. YouTube is becoming more and more assessable to everybody including the deaf and international community. One of the greatest and most overlooked options of YouTube is Closed Captioning. Maybe, we are bit lazy or just don’t have the time to sit down and narrate our entire video. Imagine narrating every single video that our company does? Thats a lot of work, but the benefits and opportunity costs greatly outweigh the man-hours required. Captions not only enable more people, to include deaf and international viewers, to understand and watch your video, but YouTube also crawls the content in the captions! Imagine all of the quality searchable content that your videos have available to them that you have been missing, but your competitors haven’t.

Add Keywords to the Description

You have already created a script for the audio in the video now lets tweak it a bit. First thing Cove Technology, Inc. is going to do is optimize the text. We are going to switch it around a little and make the text more general to Google and Bing search results. We want to use a lot of the keywords, that are spoke in the video, but we want to double the opportunities that YouTube offers. We want to make sure that we explain your video, with a high keyword density in as many areas as we can. The most important mantra is this “Google indexes these areas as well!” We concentrate a great deal on this fact.

Keyword Injection As the Name of the Video File

Make sure that the file is named appropriately to what information your company is portraying in the video itself. If you are educating your potential customers on elder care laws or social security options available for elder care, you would want to rename your video file from MOV123.MPG to elder-care-laws.mpg or social-security-options-available-for-elder-care.mpg. We know what needs to be done to properly optimize every step of your video to make sure that it is found correctly, but this one portion of the step, depends on who uploads the file. If you provide with the exact video file, we will optimize it even before uploading it. Its literally that important!

Some extremely important YouTube Search Engine Optimization points are:

  • Having a relevant headline with proper keywords for the video
  • Always include your websites URL including http:// in the description
  • Include tags from other videos which rank well for the exact keywords that you are targeting
  • Provide a call to action at the end of the video, to get others to link to your video and/or subscribing to your channel.

Cove Technology’s SEO team are experts in YouTube SEO and of course Google and Bing SEO. We will gladly optimize every aspect of your companies web presence including and very often overlooked videos and images!

Cove Technology

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